Friday, January 30, 2009

At the Holland Bar yesterday afternoon

Uh, still not open yet. And the gate was down.

On Tuesday, the Times ran a feature saying the Ninth Avenue dive might be open as soon as the next day! Seemed awfully optimistic, especially given the state of the place that I saw the previous week. At that time, two weeks even seemed like a stretch to for the bar to reopen.

In any event, the place will be open again...just don't know when for sure.


Ken Mac said...

Nostalgic schmuck that I am, I've spent a lot of time of late walking Hell's Kitchen, looking for the scent of Mickey Featherstone, the Westies, anything to photograph as evidence of the real Hell's Kitchen. Hard to find, but the Holland gives us hope. Hard to believe but the Skyline Hotel, home of many a Westies planning sessions, still stands..

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Do you have shots of the old Skyline Hotel before the renovation a few years back? I can't remember what it used to look like....