Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sure, the Hotel Carter may be the dirtiest hotel in America, but it sure is photogenic!

Been meaning to pay a visit to the Hotel Carter on West 43rd Street in Times Square. Yesterday, Gothamist had the roundup on the Carter being named the filthiest hotel in America by the voters at TripAdvisor. Woo-hoo! You're No. 1! So what seems to be the problem(s)? Ah, the usual. Rats. Mold. Dust. Dangerous electrical outlets. Dead bodies. That kind of thing!

So why do I want to pay the Carter a visit? The photo opportunities! Just look at some of the shots I found by typing in "Hotel Carter" on Flickr...(And check out Ken Mac's post on the Carter at Greenwich Village Daily Photo.)

(Photo by fantaz)

(Photo by Bob Jagendorf)

(Photo by 24gotham)

(Photo by Strange Red)

(Photo by Jeffrey Docherty)

Anyway, how bad could it be?

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Ken Mac said...

EV,I ran a Hotel Carter appreciation yesterday! Please enjoy my before and after shot of the 42d street entrance..

Anonymous said...

Damn! I had no idea! Let me add the link to the post!

Ken Mac said...

sorry for the shameless plug, but I think people might like the shot..

Anonymous said...

I love the shot!