Tuesday, January 27, 2009

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning edition

That New York Giants-fan-is-inconsolable video that too many people are talking about. (YouTube via that guy in my office who told me about it)

Is there a secret rum bar on St. Mark's Place? (NY Barfly via Grub Street)

Buy the mural at Veselka (Grub Street)

More on the "Vanishing City" extravaganza (Washington Square Park)

At the Fourth Street Food Co-op (East Village Podcasts)

So long to the smell and slippery white film of fat in the Meatpacking District (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

Discussion questions on E. B. White's "Here is New York": Which of White's characterizations of the city are still applicable today? Which seem out of date? (Patell and Waterman's History of New York)

Not even toilet paper is recession-proof (AdAge)

Whirly-Girly action (Greenwich Village Daily Photo)

The South Street Seaport Music Winter Fest starts Friday (Brooklyn Vegan)

A Richard Hell Obamicon (Stupefaction)

Dating a banker? (Esquared)

At the new Alice Tully Hall (The New Yorker)

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JamesChanceOfficial said...

Yes! (I'm a little TOO into these Obamicons!)