Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pandering to hipsters: This ad must have been a hoot back during the initial pitch

Spotted on Third Avenue near 11th Street. I mean, if you're in this target demographic, are you supposed to find this cute? "Oh, ha ha, they totally get me. When I have to move, I'm totally calling these guys!" Meanwhile, why would this appeal to anyone else in the rest of the population?

And why is it so Brooklyn specific? What if you want to move from, say, the Lower East Side to Chelsea?

Two uses of ironic! T-shirts and facial hair!

Resolve daddy issues? And ensure speedy blogging in your new co-op/loft/art space? Um, OK. Man, they nailed us!

Check out BoweryBoogie's take on this annoying campaign.


Anonymous said...

There are three other ads with different "topics", so I wouldn't exactly call this pandering. They have "An Economy Sucks", "New Family", and "West Villager", also.

And no Hipsters live in "the city", it's full of people who don't "get it", so your argument for moving from LES to Chelsea is pointless.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Nietzsche would resent more, his work being affiliated with the Nazis or with doctrine abiding, blindly conforming wimps such as the hipsters.

Anonymous said...

annoying?? it's hysterical! it can't be a real ad though, only a dumb hipster would fall for it...

Rodrigo Perez said...

You totally invalidated this post when you wrote sarcastically, "they nailed us!" which makes you complicit in this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, why would this appeal to anyone else in the rest of the population?"

It reminds us anti-hipster natives that we aren't alone in our irritation over the gentrification and commodity fetishism that hipsters have invaded us with.