Friday, January 23, 2009

One opinion (not mine) on the "Top 10 New York Bar Names"

Meet Now Live's Nightlife and Bar Guide, which gave us the "Top Ten Dirtiest Bars in New York," has another listicle. Presented here in its entirety without comment. It's up to you to decide if they were trying to be funny. Or offensive. Or...

Funny, Stupid, Sexual, Weird, whatever…these are the top 10 New York bars with the best names. Some I’ve been to, some I refused to go to…if you’re at one of these bars, hit “broadcast now” from the bar’s mobile MNL page to let us know!

Here are the top ten great bar names of New York:

1. Wogies - West Village - anyone have any clue where this came from?

2. Murphy & Gonzalez - West Village - So an Irishman and a Mexican walk into a bar…

3. 1 2 3 Burger Shot Beer - Midtown West - It’s like calling your bar “$3 Drafts”

4. Kettle of Fish - West Village - wtf?

3. Arlene’s Grocery - Lower East Side - No Arlene and definitely no groceries going on in this place.

4. No Idea - Flatiron - exactly, no idea.

5. Otto’s Shrunken Head - East Village - uhhmmm….yyyyyeah.

6. Chumley’s Bar - West Village - Sounds like something you do after a long night of boozing or could be one of those sex postions…”I gave some girl the sickest Chumley last night!”

7. Galway Hooker - Garment District - So many guys walk into this place with a handfull of cash and completely pissed off.

8. Burp Castle - East Village - Amazingly this place is actually a nice place to bring a date.

9. The Redhead - East Village - If you go downstairs to the basement, it too is also red.

10. I’m Gonna Kill You Tavern & Grille - OK, I made this one up.

Honorable Mention:

Happy Ending - Chinatown - because a happy ending is NOT what you get here

Slaughtered Lamb - Greenwich Village - just a gross name

Nowhere - East Village - cause thats exactly where you tell people you were last night if you went here last night

Ding-Dong Lounge - Upper West Side - AKA “Penis Tavern”


Anonymous said...

i like the bar name Jake's Dilemma.

Anonymous said...

the dingbat that wrote this article perhaps should've done some research. i.e. happy ending & arlene's grocery.

Nikita said...

Was this article written by a sorority girl?