Monday, November 16, 2009

Renovations complete, Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen back open for business

Good news: Peter Silvestri's Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen, which has been closed for renovations since Aug. 14, reopened over the weekend.

As Slum Goddess reported back in September:

I went in there today and he was in there and they really did a lot of work on the place! All freshly painted, polished and gleaming..he was stocking the shelves and they had new menu signs hung up-bigger and brighter ones..It wasn't all fro-yo'd upped and gross though..still looks like good old whole earth-just spiffed up!

Indeed, the changes are for the better. It's easier to navigate the space now. Peter said there's still a little work to do, such as fill out the menu on the chalkboards, but you get the idea.

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Kitchen Renovations Toronto said...

LOL @ fro-yo'd up! Sounds like you made big improvements that not only look better but 'feel' better. Congrats!