Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sin Sin meets the neighbors

This is a brief report on the meeting that took place last Wednesday night starring Sin Sin, the NYPD and local residents...the summary is courtesy of the East Fifth Street Block Association...

During the course of the disorganized meeting, various residents reiterated some of the problems they were experiencing as a result of Sin Sin's method of operation, ranging from people partying in their cars, to crowds on the street, trash and waste deposited by patrons, violence from patrons ... These were not new items being discussed, as they were brought to light recently at CB3 and other meetings.

Sin Sin owner Phillip seemed unable to muster any kind of serious commitment to dealing with these problems. He did say he would hire an additional bouncer, but only when pressed. His attitude waffled between saying that Sin Sin takes every reasonable measure to ensure quiet ... to denying that Sin Sin was even responsible for the behavior on the street.

He was promptly told that most everyone in the room has personally witnessed the mayhem emanate from Sin Sin. ... We left the ball in his court, asking him to write out his proposal to remediate the problem, asking him to specifically address security and patrons loitering on the street, and to look at his programming to see if changes could be made there.

Lt. Ferguson was nearly as bad as the club owner. He recounted statistics that the block association has known for years, and was responsible for bringing to the officials' attention. When asked what the police would/could do for our community, he seemed at a complete loss and said that they were overwhelmed with this sort of thing throughout their/our precinct. He gave out numbers to call ... but his inability to commit to dealing with this problem was disheartening.

The upside of the evening is that there is now an official record, witnessed by the police of the unwillingness of the bar to try to remediate the problem, AND their persistence in denying that they are the cause.

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Anonymous said...

Did the LT. bother to hang up his cell phone during the meeting?

Anonymous said...

Turd Ferguson! It's a funny name
-SNL ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Lt. Ferguson was nearly as bad as the club owner. When asked what the police would/could do for our community, he seemed at a complete loss and said that they were overwhelmed"

The art of standing up straight seems to have overwhelmed him too

Anonymous said...

To the whining pansies complaining about noise: This is the East Village of New York City. It is not supposed to sleep. Noisy drunk people is part of the charm. If you want serenity, move to the 'burbs.