Monday, July 11, 2011

RIP Dominic Philbert

Last Thursday around 7 p.m., a reader told us that several ambulances and fire trucks were outside Bikes By George on East Fourth Street. "I could see a paramedic performing CPR on George's son. Hoping to see a post later the he's okay..."

George's son, Dominic Philbert, who worked for his dad since he was 16, died that night. He was 43. We don't know any more details at this time.

The shop was closed Friday.

A sign on the store's front window provides information about the memorial service.

We last discussed Dominic in late May, when Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen taped a segment on stolen bicycles. According to the Dateline promo, "it's the most explosive confrontation of Hansen's career." Hansen confronts Dominic Philbert about having bought a stolen bike. And the cameras keep rolling as Dominic becomes increasingly agitated. It's difficult to watch.

Dominic later told Bob Arihood that he gave a man — a paid actor — $25 for a bike. The man told Dominic that he had lost his job and needed money to feed his kids. NBC did not show this exchange between Dominic and the actor.

In a more pleasant video, here's a clip of George and Dominic from the documentary "The City."

[Photo by Bob Arihood]

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blue glass said...

we bought our son's first two wheeler from their 12th street shop in the 1960s - they were great and the used bike was very affordable and in great condition.
it was a child size raleigh "racer" with odd colorings of purple and gold among other colors.
the bike lasted for many years with our grown-up friends taking an occasional spin on the fabulous bike.
the bike and the shop were very special.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Sad news. My condolences to George and his family.

Marty Wombacher said...

Sad news. R.I.P. Domenic Philbert.

Anonymous said...

I'll just leave this right here. How to Catch a Bike Thief:

Marty Wombacher said...

@Anonymous 5:09 PM: You don't believe in karma do you? And of course you don't have the guts to attach your own name to your weasely comment. I guess we'll just have to give you a name, I think "asshole" is a good place to start.

Uncle Waltie said...

The Anonymouse that roared. They're all over this great information highway. Meek losers, all.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad for George. His son put him through a lot but it is still hard to lose a kid. I hope guys who are Dom's age and aren't taking care of themselves will get a wakeup call out of this. You can't eat poorly and not exercise and smoke thinking it is never going to catch up with you. I've know of a few men in their 40s in recent years who dropped dead of heart attacks brought on by unhealthy lifestyles. Tempers don't help either.

Dorocphotography said...

ERO, we shared a lot of fond memories as kids growing up in the 80's. I feel so broken... We spoke on June 30th, and I told you to call me so that we can celebrate my 46th Birthday on July 7th... Turns out that was the day you left us :0( I will miss you my brother, and until we meet again... Godspeed!

Ya Bro:

PS: As for that dumb-ass making those ignorant statements...
Your a #@*King Coward!