Monday, July 11, 2011

LA-based Euphoria Loves Rawvolution opening on East 12th Street

EV Grieve contributor samo brings word that the Santa Monica-based Euphoria Loves Rawvolution — a raw vegan cafe/retail store — is opening on East 12th Fourth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B.

Their mission, per the website:

Food is the fuel for life and we are passionately dedicated to creating and sharing the very best food possible. Beyond eating; we strive to integrate self-transformation and aligned living and a strong commitment to the protection of the environment. The community and planet we serve deserve nothing less!

Updated: Sorry, we had Fourth Street instead of 12th Street. The correct address is 504 E. 12th St.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the Raw Foods store is coming to East 12th Street between Avenue A and B (504/506 address), not East 4th. I live on the block and noticed a similar brown-paper-bag covered door with a message redirecting deliveries to "Rawvolution" to a telephone number. Then again, at the rate these stores are popping up, it's not out of the question that there's one coming to both blocks.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, anon. You're correct! We put down the wrong street!

Anonymous said...

It's true! We're opening this month (or early August at the latest) at 504 East 12th St. in the East Village (12th St. b/w Aves. A & B)
Come in a say hey and we look forward to serving you!


Matt Amsden, RAWvolution

Anonymous said...

I have to say I am impressed with these guys. I say this because I live next door, and there is a little extension behind this space, a mini-roof, and it has been covered with garbage for years as well as pools of water, resulting in a bad smell and lots of mosquitos. The previous tenants didn't clean it up, but the Rawvolution people did! I say the guy up there the other day cleaning it up, and I wanted to hug him. So thank you from your neighbors. We appreciate it!

Jill said...

Oh hey if you find my mini-screwdriver that I dropped there 20 years ago, on top of that dirty space overhang space, please return it.

Come Together said...

hahaha jill!

Anonymous said...

I am pretty excited for this place. As a health nut, I'm always wishin' for more juice/vegan places around here. Not that the EV is lacking exactly, but I'm lazy and this is right by my house, ha ha. Is this the old Jubb's Longevity spot? That would be cool.

Also, from their site they seem like fun, groovy hippie types, not pretentious modelizers or subway perverts like certain other raw foodists round the way.

Welcome, Matt!