Thursday, March 29, 2012

April's CB3/SLA meeting: Mystery applicants for 8 Extra Place, Nice Guy Eddie's and 34 Avenue A (again)

[34 Avenue A]

Here we go. (Didn't we just do this?)

SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, April 16 at 6:30 p.m. — JASA/Green Residence, 200 East Fifth Street at the Bowery...

At this point, we don't know a lot about some of the new applicants just yet... Have a tip about any of these? Please let us know via the EV Grieve email ...

So. Here are a few items of interest... (find the full rundown here...)

Renewal with Complaint History
• Pyramid Club (Moonwalkers Restaurant Corp), 101 Ave A (op)

Corporate Change with Complaint History
• Ugly Kitchen, 103 1st Ave (op)

Sidewalk Café Application
• Gelato Ti Amo (Quality Edibles LLC), 68 2nd Ave (unenclosed)

The new gelato place that we pointed out near East Fourth Street.

• Veselka Bowery LLC, 9 E 1st St (unenclosed)

Don't they already have a sidewalk cafe?

Applications within Resolution Areas
• To be Determined / The Great Life Hospitality Group LLC, 34 Ave A (wb)

Here we go again with this space, seemingly doomed to any applicant since Aces & Eights held the liquor license... As you probably know, CB3 has rejected all the recent plans for a bar-restaurant-performance space here. Will this be any different? The applicant is only vying for beer and wine...

• Ellsfred Inc, 520 E 6th St (op)

The owners of Mona's and Sophie's hope to take over this space. See this post for details.

• Liberty Head Tavern, 116 Ave C (op)

• Downtown Dining LLC, 5 Ave A (op)

5 Avenue A is the address for Nice Guy Eddie's. Does this mean the place is closing? Anyone? (As far as we know, CB3 member Dave McWater is still involved with the current ownership.)

Meanwhile, would the new ownership paint over the mural here...?

[Via Eater]

• San Matteo Panuozzeria E Birra (San Matteo Panuozzeria Inc), 127 St Marks Pl (b)

That new panuozzo place that opened in the old crepe joint near Avenue A.

• Yong Fa Restaurant Inc, 507 E 6th St (wb)

Held over from last month. This is the former 6th Street Kitchen space, which never reopened after that awful fire in Janaury 2011. The space had been for rent.

• Babel, 129 Ave C (op)

• The Standard East Village (Cooper AB LLC), 25-33 Cooper Sq (op/close 2nd floor bar terrace/new outdoor space on north/alter hours/other alts)

Wait — "new outdoor space on north" ... the north side of the building? That would be the former 35 Cooper Square site...

New Liquor License Applications

• To be Determined, 90 3rd Ave (op)

This was last Montein Thai Cuisine near 12th Street... the DOH closed them in January 2011, and they never reopened. Others have tried to give this place a whirl...

• Tara Thai Cuisine, 137 1st Ave (wb)

• The Northern Spy Food Company (The Northern Spy Food Co LLC), 511 E 12th St (op/upgrade)

• Extra Place (Extra Place America LLC), 8 Extra Pl (wb)

Heard a few rumors what was going in here... nothing worth repeating just yet...

• Sake Bar Satsko (Aw Creative Associates LLC), 202 E 7th St (wb)

• Raclette (New York Raclette LLC), 508 E 12th St (wb)

Something cooking for the former Jubb's Longevity space...

• Raasa (Mumbai New York Corp), 328 E 6th St (wb)

• MR Restaurant Holding Corp, 320 E 6th St (wb)

• Porchetta LLC, 110 E 7th St (wb)

• Golden Cadillac, 500 E 11th St (op)

They tried for the Mug Lounge space back in the fall (to no avail) ... now they're angling for the Angels & Kings space... where we thought Keybar was headed after January's meeting... Difficult to keep track of bars that we've never been to before...

b=beer only | wb=wine & beer only | op=liquor, wine, & beer | alt=alterations |up=upgrades


nygrump said...

I hate the sidewalk cafes, there is no enforcement and the restaurants serve from the sidewalk and generally take up too much space so no one can use the sideWALKS - that cafe on 2nd Ave and 7th street on the SE corner, they always take up too much space, they set their fencing out in the public portion and have their ad jutting out in the sidewalk, on a busy day its impossible to get past.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

The Nice Guy Eddie's mural should be landmarked!

glamma said...

Gene Simmons' son is hot

RyanAvenueA said...

Good god, I'm curious who has the balls/patience/time to go after 34A now. Hard to tell what would work in that place. I wonder if it will affect the karate studio that occupies the second floor.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the "multiple drinks" law of the SLA is never enforced? There are "unlimited drink" specials all over - "bottomless margarita pitchers", etc.


Also, what's with those businesses that have expanded over the sidewalk? Cooper's at 5th St and 2nd Ave, that odd looking restaurant/bar just a few feet west of Brick Lane Curry House on 6th between 1st and 2nd Ave, the MacDonald's on 1st Ave between 6th and 7th St, the grocery on the southeast corner of 9th St and 1st Ave, etc. Did somebody actually give them a permit to cover the sidewalk with their buildout or did they "just do it" and nobody complained? It's getting difficult to just walk on the sidewalk because most of the space has been covered over with building extensions. It's not just the sidewalk cafes.