Wednesday, March 21, 2012

EV Grieve Etc: Mourning Edition

[Outside Middle Collegiate Church, photo by James Maher]

Press conference tomorrow to tell Scott Stringer to vote "no" on NYU's proposed expansion plan (Off the Grid)

Found! The old Jade Mountain neon sign (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

The latest on protection of the Bialystoker Nursing Home (The Lo-Down)

Zum Schneider is opening a branch in Montauk this summer (Curbed Hamptons)

More Sons of Essex late-night menu ads (BoweryBoogie)

The basement comedians of the East Village (NYU Local)

NPR piece on community garden power struggles includes Campos Community Garden (NPR)

Thoughts on Five Napkin Burger on 14th and Third (Eater)

NYC King Kong murals (Flaming Pablum)

...and posters are up for "Girls," the new HBO series that Judd Apatow executive produced and filmed on the Lower East Side... (Flavorwire likes it...)

[Shawn Chittle]


Marty Wombacher said...

Great photo by James Maher up top!

glamma said...

By the way guys, every single one of us should go to the local precincts and complain that there was absolutely ZERO police presence in the entire east village / lower east side on st patricks day.
NYPD's real job these days is social conditioning, do NOT let this stuff fly!!
Their absence was blatantly intentional, as it is every friday and saturday night.
such. f*cking. bullsh*t.

nygrump said...

How could they be in the EV when there were anti corruption demonstrations to suppress. Tyrant Boozeburg says "They want to get arrested, I'll arrest them" No Boozie, you're lapdogs will arrest them. You're too short. Meanwhile, his pals Citytime loot the city and walks away. if I was a criminal, I would understand anytime OWS is doing something, Boozeburg leaves the city is wide open.


Living the Dream One Mistake at a Time

Now that sounds intriguing! Until the highly anticipated premier next month we can only speculate as to what those mistakes are! The outfits they’re wearing? The similar hair and makeup that makes them indistinguishable from one another? The realization they won’t have a successful career in fashion or PR? Or when they find out nobody gives a shit they have a Tumblr blog or that they write reviews on Yelp? Perhaps it’s when they learn how much it really costs to live in New York City thanks to people like them? Maybe the mistake is marketing a show like this to a demographic that can’t afford nor has any interest in watching premium cable channels?

God, I’m on the edge of my fucking seat!!!

Anonymous said...

That was my Mom’s church in 30's and 40's. Gran Pa was a deacon. Even after she moved out of the city 60 years ago, they sent the kindness note when she died. She would be so hurt to see that happen. The bum is one thing, but the women with a dog is inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

The guy urinating is Ricky's brother (I assume because the look identical). Ricky is the homeless man with the cane that is always on the steps on 104 2nd Ave. They both use this spot as a urinal, and sometimes Ricky doesn't even stand up but just pees himself. They are both disgusting drains on society.