Sunday, March 4, 2012

There was a black-tie wedding reception at Katz's last night

A reader sent us this photo from last night... Katz's was closed for a wedding reception...

A look at Twitter produced the following photos ... a look at the menu...

...and a look at the party favors.

Oh, and these were both via Ivanka Trump's Twitter account.

DJ Ray from Jarrell Entertainment provided the entertainment... or part of it... the above photo came from a Jarrell blog post on unique NYC wedding venues. "This weekend, DJ Ray is spinning at a wedding in a very unlikely location – the famous Katz’s Deli in NYC. Known for it’s hot pastrami sandwiches and potato pancakes, it may come as a surprise to some that the delicious deli could easily serve as a wedding venue too."

Now, we just need to know whose wedding it was (Bess & Steven on the Katz's wedding stuff) ... does anyone know Bess and Steven?

Oh, a reader just said that the wedding was for public relations executive Steven Rubenstein and playwright Bess Wohl.

Updated 4:26 p.m.:
A reader who was there just sent this along... something else all the guests received as parting favors...

Our friends at Runnin' Scared have more on the story here.


Lisa said...

What an excellent reception this must have been!

Alex in NYC said...

My how upscale they've gone. I once went to a strenuously informal record release party there for Cop Shoot Cop (which featured a festive "pastrami toss"). That was, of course, way back when skronky dirtbag musicians still ruled the L.E.S. roost. Sigh.