Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Actual work being done at the long-stalled Hotel Ludlow site

Dave on 7th sent along the above photo yesterday... work has resumed at 180 Ludlow, a four-plus-years-in-the-making eyesore.

Back in October, Curbed reported that BD Hotels — the team involved with the Maritime, Chambers, Greenwich, Jane and Bowery hotels — bought the stalled site for $25 million.

The city has issued or reissued several permits in recent weeks for work to restart here...

Of course, nothing has been easy here. There are already two partial stop work orders on file from the last few days, including one for "NO ELECTRICAL PERMIT FOR EXISTING HOIST." Anyway, once the hotel scenesters arrive in a few years, you won't even remember any of this ...

For more on the background here, you can check out BoweryBoogie and The Lo-Down.

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