Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coming soon to First Avenue and Second Street: Bistro Cafe & Grill

Over on the southeast corner of First Avenue and East Second Street... workers put up the food court-y sign yesterday for the new Bistro Cafe & Grill... the awning tells you just about everything the place will serve... wraps, burgers, salads, gyros, etc.

Renovations began in February at the former Cafe Rama. Last fall, the Bean had plans to take over this space, though they ultimately decided to focus instead on the new locations on Second Avenue/Third Street and First Avenue/Ninth Street.

You know, Corner Bistro would be a nice name for this location. But that's taken. And we've had enough lawsuits around here...

[Thanks to @ThePeterHa for the heads up on the sign's arrival.]

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The Bean is not taking over the former Rama Cafe on First Avenue

Renovations begin at 26 First Ave.


abrod said...

Saw this on my way to the subway this morning, and was struck by how... normal it looks. No subway, no locally-sourced organic free range artisan nonsense. Here's hoping it lives up to that.

Anonymous said...

Nothing succeeds at this location, and nothing ever will. Yet they keep on trying.

Same story as the bars that open on 2nd Ave. and 4th Street.

Must be bad feng shui.

Prophet of Doom

Anonymous said...

I hate this kind of shit. It's just as bad as a Subway or a Duane Reade. I'd rather it just be a boarded-up hole.

EVKiki said...

Oh, if only The Bean had moved in there, so close to the train. I really really miss them being on 1st Ave.