Tuesday, April 10, 2012

East Fifth Street gets part of its sidewalk back

The demolition of the townhouse at 532 E. Fifth St. and the construction of its replacement started in November 2008... @zmack passed along the above photo this morning, noting that the "scaffolding on 5th st *finally* came down today! It's been at least 2.5 years since I've seen that sidewalk."

Indeed. Welcome back, sidewalk.

Anyway, as Curbed pointed out a few weeks back, some of the units in the building located just west of Avenue B are on the market. "The entire building consists of 2BR, 2BA rentals with a sustainable bent. Amenities: common roof deck and garden, in-apartment washer-dryer, building-wide secure WiFi, and general eco-friendliness."

There is an active listing for a unit at $5,695.



Anonymous said...

Man, that is one ugly-ass building. If you had a contest to design the most unappealing, least-context-appropriate building possible...this would be a winner!

nygrump said...

It is my belief these are temporary constructions and won't last 50 years. Maybe someone in the construction industry can refute that, its not like I want these to collapse...but I just get the impression they are built with the cheapest materials and the lowest baselines.

glamma said...

that building is simply atrocious