Thursday, September 14, 2017

NYC's first Nutella Cafe coming to University and 13th Street

The retail space in the base of the in-progress condoplex on 13th Street and University Place will house the city's first Nutella Cafe. (There's a Nutella kiosk in the Eataly food hall.)

According to the Commercial Observer, who first reported on this yesterday, the cafe and coffee bar will occupy 2,200 square feet here at 116 University Place.

The first U.S. Nutella Cafe, in Chicago, "serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including waffles, croissants, crepes, panini, and family-style fondue," per Eater.

As previously reported, the Adjmi Architects-designed seven-story condoplex will feature one unit per floor. The starting prices for the homes are $6 million.

The corner previously housed University Place Gourmet as well as several adjacent storefronts, including Bennie Louie Chinese Laundry.

Developer Ranger Properties paid $22 million for the lot.

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[Photo from June 2015]


Gojira said...

Oh. My. God.

Anonymous said...

NYC is now only second to Disney World as the cheesiest place on earth.

Anonymous said...

How twee! So the residents of the new glass boxes on University Place will be living on Nutella and Starbucks? Isn't that the upscale version of white trash food?

Anonymous said...

Well, of course..where else would they want to be but in the near proximity of Max Brenner and Maison Kayser? Now we will have the chocolate chain wars to go with the bubble tea and coffee competitions.

I sure do miss Silver Spurs, where I could get real food cooked and served by family and longtime staff, real people.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell. This sucks.

I used to patronize this deli on the corner of University and 13th from 2008 to 2012 during my undergraduate studies at The New School. I knew the owners and clerks, most of whom were professional and warm. Even when I often was in a daze from studying overnight and working a full-time job, I'd crawl in there, purchase a drink and a snack for my upcoming class and wave goodbye as I left. I suppose the normalcy of seeing the same faces behind the register enabled me to feel more at ease. They custom made inexpensive sandwiches, carried a large selection of crisps and candy. It had a distinctive NYC vibe with the run down floors and island buffet in the middle of the store with all of types of scents emanating from the steam of hot food. It was just something that belonged in the neighborhood. And now, they, along with the bowling alley have been replaced with a Nutella cafe? Vegas is right. So sad what NYC is becoming.

The greedy developers of this mammoth site need their arses kicked. When a friend told me what happened to the deli a couple of years later, I almost had a paddy. The greed is NY is a lot of tosh if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

8:51 nails it. This place is so cheesy and un-cool now. Squaresville.

Anonymous said...

I never cared for nutella..literally

JQ LLC said...

nutella is disgusting.