Friday, August 31, 2018

Baking news: Westville Bakery coming to 9th Street

Signs for Westville Bakery just went up on Ninth Street between Avenue A and First Avenue ... where this storefront will be selling the cakes, pies, cookies and seasonal desserts offered at the six Westville locations, including on Avenue A and 11th Street. (The baking is done in Chelsea.)

Jay Strauss, Westville's founder, told EVG correspondent Steven they hope to be open in six weeks.

This space was Zucker Bakery for the past seven years. Zucker's owner decided to retire from the business on July 1.

Westville, the vegetable-centric restaurant, first opened here in 2003.

Updated 9/5

Eater has more details:

Westville’s longtime pastry chef Meital Cohen will be in charge of the food, focusing on sweets such as carrot cake, apple and blueberry pies, assorted cookies, and seasonal specials like a dragon fruit smoothie bowl with berries, almond butter, and granola. But there will also be a savory menu featuring sandwiches, tartines, quiches, and salads. Specific tartines include ones with smoked trout, crème fraîche, and chives or marinated fennel and chickpea salad with whipped feta, while quiches may have roasted vegetables and herb goat cheese or grilled onions and mixed mushrooms. Expect vegan and gluten-free options too.

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