Friday, August 31, 2018

Reader report: Body found in car on 12th Street near Avenue B

A man's body was found inside a car on the south side 12th Street just west of Avenue B early this evening.

EVG reader Blair Hopkins shared this photo.

The word here is that the man was unknown to anyone who lived on the block, and that he was likely there for three to four days. The car has Florida license plates.

Will update if/when more information becomes available.

Updated 8:22 p.m.

According to an EVG reader who lives on the block, there were pill bottles laid out on the hood of the car.

The police are apparently looking at security camera footage from the building across the street from the car.


"Weird" Sadness said...

My mom lives across the street from there.

Lynda Laetitia said...

Thank you evgrieve for posting this. He was a very beloved friend of mine and I personally went to the 9th precinct to report him missing on Saturday morning. Since he was not a nys resident, 9th precinct could not initiate nor open a case for him. Days later, after much pressure, family was able to open a case via Florida police but they can only do so much. Please send positive thoughts and prayers. I was helping the family and he literally died very close to me. Rest In Peace, Geoff

MissCrazyPositive said...

Thats sad. What happened though was it a apparent overdose?

Lynda Laetitia said...

Probably. Cops recommended me to contact hospitals with mental wards which I did last weekend. If I was recommended to look for Florida cars I could have found him earlier. Instead I was busy callings hospitals. Rest In Peace

MissCrazyPositive said...

Thats sad and scary. May he rest in peace

Edy said...

So sad to hear this. I must have walked by this car a thousand times but didn't notice. I took my son and nephews to the pool and park all week. My 4 year old son was complaining about a foul smell and he threw up. My goodness how did I miss this. The traffic cops left tickets and didn't notice either .This is crazy. Rest In Peace Sir. ��