Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The first condos at 253 E7 hit the market

The all-new 253 E. Seventh St. is still shrouded in construction netting and scaffolding... however, the first two units in the 6-story condoplex here between Avenue C and Avenue D arrived on the market yesterday.

The building (rendering below) is going by 253 E7 (not to be confused with Seven East Village down the block) ...

Here's a description via Streeteasy:

A brand new, ultra-modern luxury boutique Condominium, designed by renowned master architects, Isaac & Stern. Located in Alphabet City in the heart of the East Village, one of New York City’s most desired and eclectic locations. 253 E7 [is] a six-story edifice featuring 8 superbly appointed apartments with soaring 9’ ceilings, ranging in size from 709 to 1,653 square feet. Most apartments feature a private outdoor space and an allotted few have access to private keyed elevator landings. The Penthouse apartment boasts a private paved roof; the Townhouse apartment features a private grass planted garden.

Here's a look at a rendering of a living room in 253 E7...

The available units range in price from $1.275 million (one bedroom) to $2.795 million (three bedrooms).

Workers demolished the former four-story residence that stood here back in late 2015.

[Image of No. 253 from 2014 via Massey Knakal]

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Anonymous said...

The original building was so beautiful and was the neighborhood.
Why does anyone want such huge windows that people from across the street
can look right into your apt.
It's not like there is some fantastic view.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh.Cant wait to relive the ambience of Avenue 'D'..

Anonymous said...

booo.... hissss

2017gotham said...

These look great and will definitely improve the street. Prices aren’t too bad, but the monthly CC seem high considering the lack of amenities (pool and doorma).

blue gllass said...

the pictured E7 living room seems awfully small for the over $1million sale price andaalmost $3,000 monthly charges.
and the building certainly will win no architectural awards.