Saturday, August 25, 2018

Facelift underway at Porto Rico Importing Co. on St. Mark's Place

As noted here, Porto Rico Importing Co. on St. Mark's Place near Second Avenue is temporarily closing starting today for what the owners, the Longo family, describe as a "much-needed facelift."

According to a sign on the front window for patrons: "We will be reshelfing, fixing the floor, moving the ice machine, and adding a better drip brewer."

Workers wasted no time getting started, as these photos by EVG regular Lola Sáenz show...

The coffee-and-tea shop will be back open the day after Labor Day — Sept. 4.


Giovanni said...

This place is great but the renovation is about 10 years overdue. Hopefully they will get a better coffee maker than the old 10 cup Mr Coffee machine.

noble neolani said...

unfortunately anything that is old, has patina, charm and a little bit wonky has no place in the EV today. A new population prefers new, sterile and hermetically sealed otherwise they won't step foot in an establishment.