Thursday, August 30, 2018

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company opens Tuesday on 8th Street

[Photo from Aug. 9]

Way back in April 2017 we spotted the signage over on Eighth Street just west of Broadway for an outpost of Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company... coming in the fall of 2017.

As we wrap up the summer of 2018, the shop is ready for bagel business. They announced on Instagram that they open next Tuesday (Sept. 4!) here at 63 E. Eighth St.

Despite the name, the 16-year-old company has three locations in Astoria, one in Chelsea and zero in Brooklyn. You can find their menu, which includes a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads, here.

In 2016, Gothamist named Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company the city's "Best Chain Bagels." Per Gothamist:

[They sell] spectacular hand-rolled doughy bagels, appropriately crispy-crusted and accompanied by what seems like thousands of spreads and proteins. They have a flavor-of-the-week cream cheese that has, at times, been cannoli cream, red velvet, spinach and white chocolate raspberry. Expect long lines in Astoria on weekday mornings, but your breakfast will be worth the wait.


noble neolani said...

The "Brooklyn" naming scam is everywhere, I've even seen place in Sweden using it.

Anonymous said...

"Best chain bagels"? REALLY? That's pathetic.

Brian said...

Brooklyn's name was taken from a town in the Netherlands. Like remember when The Netherlands owned New York? So maybe the owners are from there.

Brian said...

Also, I do like the outlet in Cheslea and personally prefer it to Murray''s Bagels.

Giovanni said...

OK, so they’re not from Brooklyn, but do they toast?

noble neolani said...

That place in Sweden was named after Brooklyn and they had donuts called "Williamsburg". Yes collusion.