Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Shinbashi Sushi hasn't been open lately

Over at 85 First Ave., the gate has been down lately at Shinbashi Sushi between Fifth Street and Sixth Street. There aren't any notes on the storefront to note a closure for one reason or another... and the phone is currently not in service.

Shinbashi Sushi opened in the spring of 2016 ... and I've never heard anything about the place. The Yelp reviews range from "Excellent excellent excellent excellent!!!" to "WHATEVER YOU DO...DO NOT EAT HERE!"

Before the sushi arrived, the small space sat empty... the previous tenant was the wine shop Tinto Fino, which closed in May 2013.

And... several years earlier...

[Photo from 1997 by EVG reader Dave Buchwald]

... it was Mod World, the boutique that had a 12-year-run here between 1994 and 2006.


Anonymous said...

Strange place...I went a few times, the owner and staff were agreeable to some of my requests (substitution on the boxed dinner). Then I went and found 1. They no longer had falks (for my guests) and 2. the owner/staff were no longer very agreeable about anything..I then stopped patronizing.

Anonymous said...

Mod World - what a fun place, sure miss it.