Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Met Fresh Supermarket announces itself on Avenue D

The coming-soon signage is up for Met Fresh Supermarket outside 119 Avenue D between Eighth Street and Ninth Street ...

Met Fresh is part of the Associated Supermarket Group, "a consortium that helps small supermarkets buy in bulk," per Crain's. The store brands of the group include Associated, Compare, Met Fresh, Met Foodmarkets, Pioneer and Gourmet a'Fare.

Not sure what type of products this Met Fresh location will sell. (The renovated Met Fresh in Bay Ridge includes a beer cave with microbrews.)

The work permits on file with the city originally listed Bravo Supermarkets as the incoming tenant.

Avenue D is currently served by Uncle Johnny Grocery and Compare Foods as well as several delis ... not to mention a Rite Aid and Duane Reade.

The previous tenant at No. 119, the All in One Value Center, closed last fall.

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Unknown said...

I was there today shopping with my mom and I was in shock for her to tell me what is going on there are no prices on some of the items at that location and we were not fully satisfy The prices are ridiculous