Sunday, August 19, 2018

New Lower East Side Target grandly opens today

EVG regulars Vinny & O shared these photos from the new Target store, which is holding its grand opening celebration today at Grand and Clinton on the Lower East Side. (This outpost officially debuted back on Wednesday.)

Targeters are handing out a variety of freebies ... and there are photo opps with a giant pair of red Target sunglasses.

Not to be found: An homage to the Lower East Side with a CBGB-themed TRGT storefront, which was the widely panned centerpiece of the grand opening on 14th Street and Avenue A last month.

As the Lo-Down reported on Wednesday:

Jacqueline DeBuse, a Target PR rep, indicated that no similar publicity stunts are planned on Grand Street. “We know with the East Village grand opening,” said DeBuse, “some guests loved it, and others felt we missed the mark. So we really listened to that feedback as we were preparing the opening for this store.”

The Target is one of the retail tenants in the 15-story development at Essex Crossing Site 5 — aka The Rollins. A Trader Joe's is set to open in this complex later in the fall.



"...So we really listened to that feedback as we were preparing the opening for this store [and decided the Lydia Lunchboxes were a bad idea.]

Anonymous said...

A "Lydia Lunchbox" would actually be clever and a very hip reference--i.e. the complete opposite of what Target deals in. Target's actual idea of clever is like, a sign that says "Battle of the Bands!" underneath which Target employees hand out bandannas, and adhesive bandages.

Lisa Lush said...

Write and call the City Council and the Speaker. Tell them you don't want to bring your tax dollars to a city that's full of nothing but chain stores and luxury glass towers. Tell them to pass the SBJSA. If you've been complaining about the vanishing of NY, now is your chance to change things for the better. At this point, you really have no excuse. If you do nothing, then quit complaining.