Thursday, August 16, 2018

Full reveal at 127 Avenue D

The remaining plywood recently came down at 127 Avenue D, where this 7-floor building between Eighth Street and Ninth Street is looking closer to renting action.

As previously reported, developer H Holding Group is behind this building with 11 dwelling units and a commercial space on the ground floor.

To date we haven't seen any listings for the (presumably) rentals.

This fancy lighting fixture will greet residents...

The previous building here was a one-level structure that housed Sergio Deli Superette.

Previously on EV Grieve:
On Avenue D, Sergio Deli Superette will yield to a 7-story building


Anonymous said...

Too tall, out of place, ugly and in the "heart of the East Village".

JQ LLC said...

That is a fugly building. Right to the rubber band ball inspired lamp.

Anonymous said...

What a stunning and inspired box :/

sophocles said...

It looks like the doorway is off-center. Is this building as butt-ugly up close?

2017gotham said...

Definitely an improvement to the neighborhood. While it is one story taller than the adjacent buildings, it is not nearly as tall as the NYCHA buildings across the street.