Friday, August 31, 2018

EVG Etc.: Christening the new LES ferry stop; defending the Smith

[A little help? Avenue A at 4th Street]

A guide to next month's NY primaries (Curbed)

The actual number of NYCHA kids who tested positive for lead (The Post)

Displaced tenants from 85 Bowery return home after 7 months (amNY)

Spend your weekend looking at the city's new NYC Street Map, with an interactive tool that lets you view alterations made to the city map dating to 1938 (Off the Grid)

Reading David Wojnarowicz at the Whitney next Friday, Sept. 7 (Official site)

The history of 307 E. 12th St., the onetime Elizabeth Home for Girls in the 1890s (Ephemeral New York)

Christening the new LES ferry stop (The Lo-Down ... amNY... but are ferries really a good solution to transit problems?)

New film series highlights Westerns "that focus on a female protagonist, foregrounding the importance of women both to the Western genre and to the history of the American West" (Anthology Film Archives)

At home with Kiki Smith (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Life in Hell Square (Marketplace)

Check out the Hot Spot Popshop (Art on A Gallery)

In defense of The Smith, the brasserie whose first outpost opened on Third Avenue and 11th Street (Eater)

Michael Cohen, President Trump's former attorney, cleared about $7 million in sale of two properties, including 133 Avenue D (Bloomberg... earlier)

NYC map hit with anti-Semitic vandalism yesterday (The Verge)

We're getting a "London Calling" postage stamp (Flaming Pablum)

Jeremiah Moss on the no-cash-allowed Morgenstern's taking over the former Silver Spurs space on La Guardia (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

... and photographer Kevin Shea Adams is selling prints of photos taken inside the former Hollywood Theatre at 100 Avenue A (demolished to make way for Ben Shaoul's condoplex) ... find his site here.

... and in photos from the mounds of discarded contents from apartments, a Hollywood Legends Last Supper with Marilyn Monroe in the Jesus seat ... spotted on St. Mark's Place...

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