Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cholo Noir is currently closed 4 renovations

Several readers have noted that Cholo Noir has been closed since at least Aug. 19 here on Sixth Street just east of Avenue A ... Handwritten signs arrived on the front back on Aug. 22 noting a closure for (4) renovations...

There's no mention of the temporary closure on their website or social media properties. Their phone is currently not in service.

Cholo Noir, a Chicano-inspired bar-restaurant, opened in July 2017.

As previously reported, CB3 twice denied a liquor license for the proprietors in 2016 ... among other reasons, there are 20-plus full on-premises liquor licenses within 500 feet of the address. CB3 members also didn't see much public benefit from the concept on a mostly residential block in a nightlife-saturated neighborhood.

Given the amount of work that they already put into the space, ownership went to the State Liquor Authority for a license.

In 2014, the owners received $15,000 by winning the New York Public Library’s New York StartUP! Business Plan Competition.

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