Monday, October 1, 2018

A note for a bicycle thief

EVG reader Lauralynn had her bike stolen from 10th Street near Avenue B.

The photo shows her effort to spread good vibes — even to the thief.

Bike thief,

Here is the key to the lock that was on my bike.

Enjoy the bike as much as I did, or sell it to buy whatever you so badly need.

Be well.


LPIFLY said...

14 years ago had my first NYC bike stolen on 5th and B. Hope it's still, or ttleast parts of it, are going strong.

Scuba Diva said...

Face it—"owning" a bike in NYC is not much more than renting one. If it were safer to have one—and ride one on the city streets—I would have had one for many years, but bike "ownership" being what it is, I'll buy my unlimited MetroCard™ and let that be my transportation expenses for the month, rather than a new bike every few months.

Besides, I'm petrified to ride a bike in NYC.