Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Court papers served at Shinbashi Sushi

As we noted in late August, Shinbashi Sushi hadn't shown any signs of life over at 85 First Ave. between Fifth Street and Sixth Street.

A comeback for the restaurant seemed unlikely (it never looked all that busy to begin with) ... yesterday, EVG reader Jonathan Michael Fung spotted some legal documents taped to the front door of the still-closed restaurant showing the owners owe nearly $29,000 in back rent. (And this is the second round of legal documents spotted at the address, as Eden B. noted last month.)

Shinbashi Sushi opened in the spring of 2016 ... and we've never heard anything about the place. The Yelp reviews range from "Excellent excellent excellent excellent!!!" to "WHATEVER YOU DO...DO NOT EAT HERE!"


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Eden Bee said...

I think the owner had some severe mental problems. Or maybe the loss of his business got to him. I would see him having theses weird episodes at like 1am outside of the place. I always meant to eat there but I did see those reviews..