Monday, October 1, 2018

Full reveal at 363 Lafayette

Just noting the recent full reveal over at 363 Lafayette St., the 10-floor, mixed-used office building at Great Jones...

Ironstate Development is behind this project. (Their work in the neighborhood includes The Jefferson, the condoplex at the site of the former Mystery Lot.) The 363 website lists that seven of the 10 floors have been leased. The sidewalk-level retail that stretches back to Bond is available as well.

This was a long-vacant parcel that partially housed the Jones Diner until September 2002.

[EVG photo from 2015]

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Former Jones Diner lot on Lafayette primed for new development

[Image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images]


Brian said...

Goodbye Jones Diner. You were a last vestige. Now office workers going to Chop't or Shake Shack or another Dunkin' will have nostalgic memories of their sterile boxy glass office tower.

noble neolani said...

What a turd that turned into. Could the architects have put less effort into a design, unlikely. Thanks for the instant eyesore.

cmarrtyy said...

The stone framing of the building makes it ponderous. It also makes the other new building an after thought. Bad design. The only thing I like about it is that it defines the street line - very New York. But the rest is Podunk.

Jesse said...

Jones Diner looked far more interesting.