Monday, October 1, 2018

A few Moxy East Village details

The developers of the Moxy East Village issued a news release late last week to announce that the 13-story hotel in partnership with Marriott had topped out on 11th Street between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue. (Workers actually planted the flag atop the building in July.)

In any event, the media statement provides more info about the hotel, which is expected to be ready for vacancy action in late 2019:

Moxy East Village reflects its vibrant, ever-transforming neighborhood. Designed in collaboration between Stonehill & Taylor and Rockwell Group, the hotel's design concept is based on urban archeology and references the city's past, present and future. Conceived as a vertical timeline, each floor reveals a different layer in Lower Manhattan's history, creating a sense of discovery for guests.

Standing 13 stories tall, the stylish and affordable Moxy East Village will feature 286 cleverly-designed bedrooms, technology-savvy amenities, community based cultural and fitness programming, a well-equipped 24/7 gym, and co-working spaces. The hotel will include four new eating and drinking establishments for guests and locals, including a cellar level restaurant and lounge, a lobby bar and lounge area, an elevated twist on a traditional Grab & Go, and an outdoor rooftop amenity.

The foundation work got underway here in August 2017. Workers demolished the five residential buildings that stood here in the fall of 2016.

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Brian said...

Why do tourists want to come to NYC and fight traffic/noise, spend way too much for everything and mostly be in a mosh pit of other tourists?

noble neolani said...

As if the guest of this hotel give a shit about exploring the neighborhood or city's culture or past they are only here to go Kavanaugh style.

Giovanni said...

Urban archaeology? A vertical timeline? Let me guess: the lower floors will feature dungeons to reflect our dark, colonial history, the middle floors will feature tiny suites allowing a 12 person per room occupancy rate to reflect New York’s harsh tenement living conditions of the past, and the top floors will be completely gentrified, with all white furniture, and instead of checkout times each guest will be ceremonially “evicted” and their room rate doubled.

cmarrtyy said...

" based cultural and fitness programming"? What? Does that include the Junkie Shuffle? Or the 5 finger exercise? Just asking...