Monday, October 1, 2018

Tropic Bowl brings the açaí bowls to 1st Avenue

EVG reader EJ brings news of a signage reveal as Tropic Bowl is getting ready to set up açaí shop on First Avenue between Second Street and Third Street.

Don't know too much about this operation just yet ... other than that they'll be serving the South American superfood that has received various levels of hype through the recent years.

This storefront was previously Taxi Parts Inc. (You never know what you might find in your açaí bowl!)

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Brian said...

Opinion: Saw 2 "healthy food" places sprout up in my neighborhood in the last year that feature acai bowls. I had no idea what one was. Tried one at each place. Super sweet, super sugary (yes, it may all be natural fruit sugar) not just mildly sweet, but perhaps the sweetest thing ever. Conclusion: Not really healthy, file under smoothie and bubble tea.