Tuesday, October 9, 2018

RIP Tony

Several EVG readers have shared the news that Tony (aka Abdul), the longtime owner of the deli at 123 Avenue A, has died.

We don't have any details or background information about Tony at the moment. He was originally from Yemen and ran the shop, which operated under various names, for the past 25 years.

On Sunday, an EV resident left flowers and a note on the closed gate here between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place ... "We love you. You will be missed."

Jen Fisher, a sidewalk vendor who sells books nearby, took the two photos here.

"For the last five years he’s looked out for me and was nothing but kind," she said. "It’s so sad to lose him. I'm going to miss him."

Said Marc Kehoe, a longtime neighbor: "Abdul was, I found, gracious, with a sense of humor and always friendly. He always had a kind word, a joke or something nice to say."

Here's a photo from July that Jen took of Tony ...

Will update if we receive more information about Tony's death.

Updated 9 a.m.

This past summer, when there were vigils in Tompkins Square Park to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, Tony would bring the group members cold drinks...

[Photo via Felton Davis]


Unknown said...

Tony was the best... A friend sent this from England ...This is very sad news..

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, sweet man :(

Eden Bee said...

A sad unexpected loss of a good guy.