Wednesday, October 10, 2018

That Nutella Cafe is shaping up on University Place

More than a year has passed since news of the first NYC Nutella Cafe came out (via the Commercial Observer).

Anyway, the Nutella signage is now wrapped around the 2,200-square-foot corner space at 116 University Place and 13th Street. (The signage arrived perhaps a month ago.)

Nutella Cafe New York, which is expected to open next month, will feature a (duh) Nutella-inspired menu and specialty espresso beverages.

As previously reported, the Adjmi Architects-designed seven-story condoplex will feature one unit per floor. The starting prices for the homes are $6 million.

The corner previously housed University Place Gourmet as well as several adjacent storefronts, including Bennie Louie Chinese Laundry.

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[Photo from June 2015]


Anonymous said...

yay - a major global corporate branded marketing distribution point for the phone zombies!

Anonymous said...

I went to one in Chicago. It was good. Full of tourists, but may have had more to do with location than offerings.

noble neolani said...

wow tourist traps are invading University Place, what a horror. Neighbors get ready for hoards with selfie sticks clogging up your block.

Giovanni said...

I stumbled across a 1980’s NY Times article quoting commercial real estate brokers who were predicting that West 8th Street would soon be the new Columbus Avenue. Obviously that never happened, Now University Place is starting to look like one of those gimmicky Upper West Side commercial areas, and the new Goldman Sachs funded condo tower where Bowlmor lanes once stood is not going to help the situation. But so far the ares is not supporting these stunt retail concepts.

There was an odd British foods grocery store (which replaced the busy and somewhat messyUniversity Restaurant) but that place never had any customers. and it closed, a Ralph Lauren boutique is gone, Argo Tea had downsized due to the rent, that Crumbs store is gone, as is Jamba Juice. Also gone are the places that were the whole reason to go to University Place: the Cedar Tavern, the old Dean &. De Luca cafe, Bowlmor Bowling alley, Patsy’s Pizza, University Restaurant which was the only coffee shop, and University chemists, the old corner pharmacy, is gone as well. University Place is like the Bowery without the bums, where retail can’t seem to survive, and neither can its original character.

Anonymous said...

@11:51am: You nailed it with this: "University Place is like the Bowery without the bums, where retail can’t seem to survive, and neither can its original character."

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put 11:51 a.m.

Could not agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

Nutella kills orangutans.


Just like Becky's Bites, they are reimagining Nutella!

Brian said...

Isn't there already a Nutella store or cafe at 23rd and 5th?