Friday, March 20, 2020

Materials needed for mask-making at Mary O's on Avenue A

Friends and family of Mary O's, the pub at 32 Avenue A between Second Street and Third Street, are making masks to donate to people who may want or need them. They are asking for any donations of 100-percent cotton clothing or material (unused) ... you can drop the materials at the bar.


Unknown said...

Do they have a post-manufacture sterilization procedure? I've been asked to help manufacture (sew) masks destined for hospitals, and the sterilization question is worrying me and still hasn't been answered. I could very well be infected, and without sterilization, every mask I make could be carrying the virus. I want to help, but could inadvertently make things a lot worse.

Liz said...

I read somewhere that the hospital will sterilize them, when you drop the masks off.

Anonymous said...

are 100-percent cotton sheets accepted?