Monday, March 16, 2020

NYC shutting down: public schools, restaurants, bars and movie theaters

As you likely heard: New York City schools will close until at least April 20 due to the coronavirus outbreak. Read more about that here.

This morning, Mayor de Blasio is signing an executive order to temporary close nightclubs, movie theaters and concert venues. In addition, the order limits restaurants, bars and cafes to take-out and delivery orders.

All this goes into effect tomorrow morning at 9.

Meanwhile, we'll start compiling a post of East Village restaurants that are offering take-out and delivery.

Please let us know in the comments or via email.


Neighbor said...

Grieve, Can we also get a list of ways to buy gift cards and can you encourage bars/restaurants you speak with to offer them? They are a great way to provide support now. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Ray’s Candy is Store is open for business as usual. Per Ray. Delivery available, too. If you go to the store, maybe order from the to-go window.

Anonymous said...

All good ideas. Stop the Spread. FYI, early morning visit to West Side Market on Third Avenue and 12th Street.....shelves are pretty well stocked for the most part. Yes it is thin in some areas such as rice, fresh meat and frozen food, but there is still plenty of food available. Do not freak out. Yes more food will sell now that restaurants are closed and you will be cooking more at home. No need to hoard anything. All will be fine. Be smart, stay healthy, stay at home if you can.

Anonymous said...

why don't some of the fancier places that are out of my price range offer coronavirus takeout specials, at an affordable price, im thinking like $9.99 specials? Many pricier places manage to offer something like this at brunch time, why not try a dinner time version?