Sunday, March 15, 2020

Updating: Temporary East Village bar-restaurant closings

Will continue to update a list — started on March 13 — of any bars-restaurants that are temporary closed due to the novel coronavirus. Updated 9 p.m. 3/15: The closures are coming in faster that we can update this post.

Updated 5 a.m. 3/16: Mayor de Blasio has announced that restaurants, bars and cafes will only be allowed to serve only take-out and delivery starting 9 a.m. on 3/17.

• Kikoo Sushi, 141 First Ave.

[Photo by Steven]

• The Bao, 13 St. Mark's Place

[Photo by Steven]

• Kyo Ya, 79 E. Seventh St., is closed until April 1.

• Kung Fu Tea, 28 St. Mark's Place

• Joyface, 104 Avenue C (read post here)

• Empellon Al Pastor, 132 St. Mark's Place, is closed until further notice

[Photo by Vinny & O]

• All Momofuku establishments — the Noodle Bar, Ko and Ssäm Bar — are closed until further notice.

• Superiority Burger, 430 E. Ninth St., has closed for now.

• Lucky, 168 Avenue B

• Sanpoutei, 92 Second Ave.

[Photo by Sheila]

• Bar Primi, 325 Bowery

• Virginia's, 647 E. 11th St.

• Red Gate Bakery, 68 E. First St.

• Death & Company, 433 E. Sixth St.

• Kindred, 342 E. Sixth St.

• Drexler's, Boulton & Watt, Paper Daisy and Mister Paradise are now closed

• Pouring Ribbons, 225 Avenue B, is closed and taking it "day by day."

• Snow Days, 241 E. 10th St.

• Professor Thom's, 219 Second Ave.

• Lavagna, 545 E. Fifth St.

• The Cabinet and Mace

• Caracas Arepa Bar, 91 E. Seventh St.

• Nowon, 507 E. Sixth St.

• Factory Tamal, 63 E. Fourth St.

• SMØR, 441 E. 12th St.

• Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, 28 E. First St.

• Juice Vitality, 192 First Ave.

• Ama Raw Bar, 190 Avenue B

• Sophie's, Mona's and Josie's

• The International, 102 First Ave.

• Sharaku, 14 Stuyvesant St.

[Photo by Steven]

• Doc Holliday's, 109 Avenue A

• Niagara, 112 Avenue A

• Tompkins Square Bar, 110 Avenue A


Anonymous said...

Kyo Ya closing until April 1 per their Instagram account.

Anonymous said...

Eileen Fisher 9th St closing until March 27.

Anonymous said...

I was in Blue Ribbon the other night and they were very understaffed, felt bad for the people working - all the online ordering is making takeout places work triple at peak.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad and so scary. Everything is so uncertain for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Santoupei Ramen closed, The Mermaid In, closed as of this evening.

Anonymous said...

Just walked by McSorley’s- it’s open and had the feeling of the “old days”. No tourists, no noisy college students, a few old men and neighborhood regulars. There are some positives to the city shutdown..

Anonymous said...

Lavagna on East Fifth closed tonight after service.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy. Remember that Corona has a 3.5% mortality rate, only 1% higher that of the flu (influensa). We have the flu every year and nobody is making a big deal out of it. Policy is being driven by people who are totally "hare brained" panicked, not logical people. There many restaurant workers that depend on their income. Who's going to pay their rent bills, etc? Let people make their own choices whether to go to restaurants. If you're afraid of the virus? Stay home. It's that simple.

Shawn said...

Hey 11:41PM Anonymous, I fixed your post:

This is crazy. Remember that the virus only has the potential to kill 10,500,000 Americans. I mean, only 2,800,000 Americans die a year, what's a few million more? Policy is being driven by people who are totally "concerned about elderly, and high-risk" people, and ignoring the party people, who want to party. There many restaurant workers who want to catch this disease and pass it on, even for the few days when they don't even realize they have it. Let people who are too dumb to stay indoors and not spread the disease go out and infect everyone else, just delaying the openings of restaurants and bars even more! It's that simple.

Better, right?

Giovanni said...

Actually, this is not crazy: coronavirus is 35 times more deadly that the flu. The flu’s mortality rate is 0.1% vs an estimated 3.5% for coronavirus, (and a mortality rate of 5% in Italy, which may be what the US ends up with based on demographics). This means that if 60% of the US population is infected (since the disease is highly contagious, there is no vaccine and no immunity) we will end up with 7 million people dead, (or roughly 200,000 in New York City) vs. the 35,000 annual deaths from the flu. If only 6% of the US population is infected (which is about the average for flu season) that still means 700,000 dead from coronavirus alone, and 20,000 in NYC.

Let’s assume the US death rate from coronavirus comes down closer to that of the flu (and it probably won’t). Should we still not be worried? The answer is no. Severe coronavirus cases account for 14% of those infected, and another 4% of cases are critical, meaning we would still have 27 million patients with severe cases and 8 million more in need of critical care. This would lead to the rapid collapse the US healthcare system within a few months, putting anyone in need of medical care at risk, and everyone else at risk of catching the disease during a second, third and fourth wave of infection.

What’s crazy is that anyone thinks a global pandemic isn’t more important than money.

Gojira said...

Papaya Dog on 14th and 1st has its windows covered with large black garbage bags. Was on an M14 bus so could not see if there was a sign on the door.

Stay safe and healthy, y'all. Pray for our beloved city.

Anonymous said...

Following Giovanni's comment above, a huge part of the problem is around 20% of infected cases NEED hospital care. These are people who cannot ride out the illness at home and need a ventilator. This is where the sh*t hits the fan when all hospital beds and ventilators are taken. Then the medical ethicists need to start making difficult decisions about who gets treatment and who doesn't. This the reason Italy had such a huge jump in number of deaths and the same thing could happen here. When I think of 20% of this city needing hospital care all at once, well, it's absolutely terrifying. And god help you if you have some other emergency (heart attack, car accident, bad fall) during this time as there will be no one to help.