Sunday, October 11, 2020

Instant karma: A tribute show for John Lennon atop Glinda the Good Bus

In celebration of John Lennon's 80th birthday this past Friday, Michelle Joni and her Expand-a-Band took Glinda the Good Bus out on the streets for a rooftop tribute show.

EVG contributor Stacie Joy boarded the bus as they set up on First Avenue near Second Street... 


She joined the band again as they stopped for a song on Avenue A at St. Mark's Place...

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DrBOP said...

Pretty incredible array of Lennon 80th birthday celebrations yesterday: virtual Fest for Beatles Fans; livestream tribute programs (3 of 'em); Apple Studios program; Peace Light Oslo; multiple towers lit up in tribute t/o the world, including Eiffel Tower and Empire State; at LEAST 10 different podcasts available; and whatever you played on the radio, boom-box, Spotalie, Utube, etc.

What am I trying to say here? Not exactly sure. I know there was NUTTIN' like this for Jolson, Caruso, Satchmo, Bird, Sinatra,etc. I guess I'm just an old rockin' geezer who is amazed at this level of recognition. But I'm also wondering what the 90th or 100th birthdays will be like; and who among the performers from say 1990 to the present will receive this much love on their 80th birthdays?
Timberlake? ;>)

But seriously, I think maybe part of what has happened over the decades is that we might not need these Idols of the Ages as much anymore. Look at all the incredible folks that have taken care of us, have fed us, who have fed our souls with their music and other artistic pursuits t/o this pandemic. Look at all those folks who were doing this even before the pandemic. In other words, we have ALL become heroes of one sort or another over the past decade. We make our OWN music/art/etc. now in ways that were never even dreamed about even in the late 20th Century. Maybe we can be heroes, just for one lifetime?

PS: Stacie Joy deserves a RAISE! ;>)