Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A smoky late-afternoon view of Midtown

A look at Midtown late this afternoon from the East Village via EV Weather. 

Some background on what's happening from AccuWeather:
After a smoky sunset Monday evening, heavy smoke continued to hang over the Northeast on Tuesday, as a result of more than 100 wildfires burning in the western U.S. and more in Canada. Air quality advisories were in effect for much of Canada and had been issued for Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York City as the smoke descended from the upper levels of the atmosphere. 
The AQI reading in New York City Tuesday afternoon was an unhealthy 122, the highest this year so far. At this elevated number, health effects can be immediately felt by sensitive groups. Healthy individuals may experience difficulty breathing and throat irritation with prolonged exposure, and should limit outdoor activity.
The smoke will likely clear out overnight as a cold front moves into the area, AccuWeather notes.


Anonymous said...

Per IQAir.com, the AQI in New York City on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 was an unhealthy 154.

Anonymous said...

They said on the local news that that was from the wildfires on the West Coast... That it was affecting the WHOLE country..Even as far away as here.