Monday, July 26, 2021

Brooklyn Bean Roastery closes on Avenue A

The Brooklyn Bean Roastery Cafe cleared out of 23 Avenue A late last week just south of Second Street.

There was some talk, several months back, that the cafe was relocating to another neighborhood (maybe Brooklyn?!). No word about a new outpost — or anything about this closure via the Roastery's social media.

The cafe debuted on Feb. 21, 2020 — and roughly had one month of business before New York went on PAUSE.

However, owner Khaled Abdelhaleem decided to keep the shop open for takeout. And during the spring of 2020, Abdelhaleem provided free meals to first responders from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily and free coffee for first responders and law enforcement at any time. 

The previous tenant at 23 Avenue A, Yerba Buena, closed at the end of 2017.


Anonymous said...

The owner told me last week that they are giving it a shot in Queens. Sounds like they weren't getting as much foot traffic as they would have liked. I tried to support them but was always surprised they weren't open until 11am. Seems strange for a coffee shop.

Anonymous said...

They had good stuff but were too expensive for the neighborhood. The LES has a lot of Delis where you can get a cup of coffee for half the price of what they were charging.

Anonymous said...

Something about the space was not inviting...I live nearby and never went once.

Anonymous said...

They've closed their Dumbo location too on Washington Street. Half of the pages on their website are vacant. It's strange. Sad. I passed by so many times and never went into the East Village location. But then to the Dumbo location a bunch of times to pick up coffee.

Anonymous said...

Guess I found the answer:

Brooklyn Roasting Company, known tor its
colorful logo and flavorful coffee, filed for
bankruptcy protection on Thursday and said it's
planning to permanently close its remaining
retail locations at 50 W. 23rd St. and at 25 Jay
St. in Dumbo Brooklyn, according to its
Brooklyn bankruptcy court documents.


Brooklyn Roasting said...

The Brooklyn Roasting Company did not go bankrupt. And it was never in any way associated with the Brooklyn being Roastery on Avenue a and second St. That was another company borrowing the identity.

We are excited to be opening on Avenue B and 10th St. in collaboration with Abby Ehman, owner of lucky across the street.

Last year was indeed rough, but we’re coming back full force. Thanks to everyone for all of your support.