Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Wednesday's parting shot

A moment on Seventh Street today via Derek Berg...

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DrBOP said...

And we're of....
They told me, "HEY, it's New York City.... NObody will notice your Support Mannequin"

Dick Assman's cousin in from runs in the family.

Part of the "Over, Under, SideWays, Down" 45rpm 55th Anniversary re-release publicity campaign.

"I swear I was yelling for More-So, not Torso!"

Reminds me of the old ragtime tune, "Double Moon Shot Over The East River".

Ran out of protest sign sticks....pop a protest sign on the top of THIS.....
wa-a-a-a-a-a-y more eyeballs on your message!

Now if I can only meet some dream boat walking my way with the top half of a mannequin.....
I'll KNOW the drugs are kickin' in!

Part of a feminist-woke campaign to establish Womannequin in the NewLang movement....
Fluidequin NEXT!

Undercover Ice Cream By-Law Officer with part of the evidence that chased Lick's outta'town.

Relax....that's just a contestant in the New York State Cunnilingus Championships
taking her practice dummy.home.