Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Anthology Film Archives returns with in-person screenings on Aug. 5

Quick update to our last post... The Anthology Film Archives will start hosting in-person screenings again on Aug. 5.

The 51-year-old NYC institution on Second Avenue and Second Street is returning with a very Anthology-like screening... 
Anthology Film Archives marks its long-awaited post-pandemic reopening with a program that could only take place "in real life," projected theatrically and on film: our brand-new restoration of Paul Sharits's rarely screened early masterpiece, Razor Blades (1965-68). 

The latest in our ongoing series of restorations of Sharits's films, Razor Blades is a typically mind-bending, consciousness-expanding experiment in perception and a classic among "expanded cinema" works. 
By means of color combinations, the strobe-like flickering of the dueling projectors, a high-volume stereo soundscape, and single-frame imagery, it demonstrates the cinema's capacity for exploring the mysterious interaction between light, color, rhythm, eye, and mind. The double projection piece never exhibits precisely the same way, rendering every screening a unique experience.

Find more details about the reopening here

As previously noted, the Anthology has been showcasing its independent, experimental and avant-garde fare online since the start of the pandemic. 

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