Saturday, July 31, 2021


The urban etiquette notes are striking a kinder tone around here — "please be courteous and refrain from urinating here" as seen on Essex just below Houston (thanks for the photo Stacie Joy!) ... and the other day we had the "please do not defecate here" one.


Anonymous said...

I will only consider messages like this when the word 'Please' is used. Because this person presented a respectful request I have to say that I would most likely not urinate here.
I hope this note is posted high enough so as to not be a pee target.

Anonymous said...

10:45 Thanks for being kind and respectful.

DaHo said...

I have never seen so much pissing on the sidewalks, ever since lockdowns ended. Normally by a drunk bro. I literally have to step over a stream a pee about once every weekend. They don’t even have the courtesy to go between two parked cars.