Monday, November 8, 2021

There won't be a Cookie Walk this Christmas

Organizers have decided not to host a Cookie Walk again this year at St. Nicholas of Myra Orthodox Church on Avenue A and 10th Street. 

Although there wasn't an official reason given for the cancellation, concerns over COVID-19 certainly played a role in this decision. According to an Instagram post from Friday:
After careful consideration, we have come to the unfortunate decision that we must cancel this year’s St. Nicholas Cookie Walk. We hope to be back next year, better than ever. Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. Merry Christmas.
The always-festive event, held in early December in the church basement, offers about 75 varieties of homemade cookies and pastries each year. As the name implies, you take a walk around cookie-filled tables and pick your favorites. 

Last year's Cookie Walk, which would have the 12th annual, was also canceled due to the pandemic.


anonymous said...

NOOOOOOO!!!! But we’re getting “Santa Con”???😡

Anonymous said...

Yes, because SatanCon is full of the spiritually-evolved, classy type of folks you just don't get at the Cookie walk.

Anonymous said...


I was really looking forward to this...but I understand. The cookies will taste that more delicious next year after the long wait.

I hate New Things said...

I'm reminded of the phrase, "God protects the stupid".... instead of a real honest Christmas celebration with cookies; we get stupid idiots tossing cookies!

Anonymous said...

understand New Yorkers you don't matter anymore.

Only transient drunks are appreciated by the ruling elite. Working residents are not wanted.

Anonymous said...

NONONONONOOOOO! I was already planning my weekend - go get cookies Saturday morning, spend the rest of it locked inside binge-watching crappy TV and eating delicious cookies! This can't be happening!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry that this is cancelled (and it is a wise decision on the part of the church), yet the open-air drunk-a-thon faux-charity SantaCON (emphasis on the "con" part) is inflicted on us.

Why don't they move SantaCON to right near Gracie Mansion?

anonymous said...

What does the “ruling elite” have to do with this?? The Church decided to wait until next year!! 🤷🏼‍♂️