Monday, August 8, 2022

Manhattan Marketplace coming soon to 1st Avenue and 12th Street

Updated 8/10 — OPEN!

Manhattan Marketplace is expected to open as soon as today here on the SE corner of First Avenue and 12th Street. 

The corner market will be offering up the usual corner-market fare, with a variety of breakfast and lunch options and other grab-(pay)-and-go items. 

The Best Price Deli & Grocery closed here in the fall of 2020

H/T Lola Sáenz!


Anonymous said...

Once the home of one the 'hoods best groceries. It was run by a very nice family who I often noticed would give kids free food when they had no money and allowed others to 'eat today, pay tomorrow'. They also made the best bacon egg and cheese sandwiches in the neighborhood. I was very sorry to see them pushed out. I hope these new folks will care as much about our neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Spes an Italian restaurant opened on 12 th between 1 st and A months ago. Small business owners. Great food.