Thursday, August 11, 2022

Seeing (Empanada Mama) red on 14th Street and 1st Avenue

Workers put a coat of red paint on the storefront on the NW corner of First Avenue and 14th Street yesterday. (H/T Pinch and Peter!)

And those workers continue to tell inquisitive passersby that the space will soon be home to an Empanada Mama. (We first reported this in May.)

We still haven't seen any official coming-soon signage just yet. This would make for the fourth EM in the city, including one at 95 Allen St. on the Lower East Side.

Papaya Dog shuttered here last fall, ending a 16-year-run.

The Panda Express still wasn't open as of yesterday across 14th Street.


Anonymous said...

I curse the hot dogs gods who allowed the closing of Papaya Dog daily.

anon plz said...

There is interior signage, the door was propped open this morning and peeked in.