Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Wheatpasters 1, Property Managers 0

Earlier this summer we noted how the plywood along the demolished storefronts at 250 E. Houston St. had become a wheatpaste hotspot in recent months.

Later, the property managers here between Avenue A and Avenue B unveiled their line of wheatpaste defense — some rando 2x4s on the plywood, intended to prevent the Wheatpasting Gangs of New York from putting up ads for, say, that sold-out Andrew Bird show at Pier 17 or the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs' record, Cool It Down (which I think will be good). 

Anyway, as the top photo shows... the green guards are fairly useless. Hope there's a money-back guarantee! 


Anonymous said...

Probably does make it easier to rip the wheatpastes down, though.


On Grand Street they've replaced the plywood with chain link.