Wednesday, February 21, 2024

A visit to the new home of Archie's Press on 10th Street

Photos and reporting by Stacie Joy

Archie's Press is settling into its new home at 220 E. 10th St. — directly across the street from the previous location of nearly two years at No. 219. 

According to founder Archie Archambault, the rent doubled at the former space for his letterpress-printed retail art and map shop.

"The rent went up, so instead of shuttering, the universe presented me with the opportunity to move right across the street," he said. "The space is a little smaller, but I can keep the customer base since it's so close.

"The new building is a co-op with many longtime East Village residents, who are really supportive," Archambault continued. "I am so thankful for a positive landlord-tenant relationship; it is the most stressful part of running a little retail business."
Archambault also said he had no intention of leaving the East Village, where he's also a resident.

"I can’t imagine another neighborhood for my store. The East Village has the perfect vibe. Even though it's gotten more expensive here, I think there's still a punk/DIY/independent vibe that pairs nicely with our brand," he said. "We sell affordable artwork from small designers and artists, and I think it's the only neighborhood that makes sense. There are so many tiny storefronts with many small retail businesses, which attract people from all over the city. We’re the kind of shop they expect to stumble upon."
For the time being, Archie's Press is only open on weekends, noon to 6 p.m., though items are available online (and you can stop by in person to pick up the purchases).

You can keep tabs on updates via the Archie's Press Instagram account.  


Anonymous said...

Archie's Press's signature item is stylized subway-type maps that graphically represent metropolitan areas (in the photo he's holding one for NYC, but Archie's sells these depicting Amsterdam, Cincinnati, Brooklyn, Martha's Vineyard, St.Louis and many other places; he designed them all collaborating with a local in the place, so they're geographically accurate and helpful).

These graphic printed maps are clever, useful, carefully hand-printed (of course), and fairly priced.

If you buy one and frame it (with a cool matting and frame), it's an amazing gift. We have one, and this Christmas we got 4 others, for far-flung friends in 4 different cities, giving each a graphic map of their home city they'd never before seen. Needless to say, the recipients were thrilled.

"Just sayin'": These are an amazing, unique item/gift.

Sarah said...

Also they carry some cards that are not your standard fare.