Thursday, February 15, 2024

Signage alert: Dear Rufino on 2nd Avenue

Photo by Steven

The Dear Rufino signage is up now at 221 Second Ave., just south of 14th Street.

As we noted a few weeks back, this is the taqueria — via Chef Iván García — taking over the former Chicken & the Egg space... the food establishment in front of the cocktail lounge Sincerely, Ophelia

The taqueria from the owners of Zona Rosa out on Lorimer Street and Metropolitan Avenue is expected to open soon.

You can find the Dear Rufino Instagram account here.


Anonymous said...

That is terrible signage.

Anonymous said...

Dan Lynch

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Retina-burning, awful signage. Open sign hung backwards. Another Williamsburg place expanding into the city. Nothing makes sense anymore. I'm going back to bed.

Anonymous said...

That signage is similar to what previous tenants Finnertys as well as Chicken and Egg had. . Landlord must have some restriction where signage has to be/look a certain way.

Anonymous said...

Dan Lynch was such a great place. I recall when the city started enforcing the old cabaret laws. A band could only have so many people on stage. So sometimes, a guitarist or bass player would go through the stage-right doorway, walk down a step or two, and play from there.