Sunday, February 11, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a sunrise photo from 4th and A)...

• Remembering longtime East Village resident Merle Ratner, killed by a tow truck on 10th Street and Avenue C on Monday evening (Tuesday

• DA: Man who attacked Ray outside Ray's Candy Store sentenced to 10 years in prison (Wednesday)

• Exclusive: Lucy discusses the future of her iconic East Village bar (Thursday) ... New landlord serves Lucy's with a termination notice on Avenue A (Monday

• City unveils the final rules for the permanent outdoor dining program (Monday

• "Goodbye to the Brick and Mortar" at the Tompkins Square Library (Wednesday

• These East Village tenants held a dance party to call out their landlord's sewage treatment (Sunday

• The long-empty 6 Avenue B set to begin a new residential era as The B (Tuesday

• Report: East Village home with the Cape Cod-style cottage on its rooftop is in contract, dammit (Tuesday

• Jolene set to close on Great Jones (Tuesday

• Lions for Lula at 132 St. 1st Ave. (Friday)

• A smash & grab at the Grab & Go on Avenue B (Saturday

• Tree rescued from concrete on Houston (Friday)

• Yuca Bar returns to service after renovations (Wednesday

• Today in notes for traffic enforcement (Friday

• A pop-up no more, Apollo Bagels opening first outpost in the East Village on 10th Street (Tuesday

• Untitled building now with more Untitled (Monday

 ...  and from late Friday night, the crowd arriving for DJTM.8's Dark '80s night event at Gama Lounge on Avenue B (photo by Stacie Joy) ...
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